Castello e fortificazioni

The tower-houses

The site of the tower houses is directly connected to the development of the city walls of Prato. The towers, erected between the XI and the XIII century constituted a typical aspect of the medieval Prato.

The feudal nobility edified the towers for prestige to use them as a defence or offence instrument in the feuds that involved the noble families living in the city. Now the towers have been destroyed or changed.

Traces of some towers, edified inside the first city walls (before the XII century) are still visible at the corner between Mazzoni street and Accademia street; the buildings in front of Lanaioli street were ancient towers; today they are restored; the tower of the Bardi alley beside the tower-house of S. Antonio square, is another relic of the XI-XII century.

Then there are towers edified in the second city-walls: the towers at the corner between Garibaldi street and Buonconti alley, the jewish tower called "of the Buca"; the Ammanati's tower and others.
The wealthiest families that survived the plague of 1348, that reduced about of 70% the population of Prato, had the possibility to build palaces ex-novo and to managed to join in an only body,buildings that already existed in the centre of the city. Besides, the building and demographic crisis offered the Comune the possibility to increase the dimensions of the city, by the widening of squares and streets. Duomo square, Comune square and S. Francesco square are, in fact, the result of demolitions made mostly in the Reinassance period.

Torre degli Ammannati

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