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Chapels in the Cathedral of Santo Stefano

The Cathedral of St. Stephen

The Chapel of the sacred girdle

The Chapel, built by Lorenzo di Filippo in 1386-90 to give a final settlement to the Sacred Girdle, occupies the first span of the left aisle. 
Inside the Chapel is completely decorated with a series of frescoes by Agnolo Gaddi, showing stories of the Virgin and, in particular, episodes inspired by the events around the Girdle, which occupies the entire east wall.

The statue of the Madonna and Child in white marble was probably built in the early 14th century for a small choir in the parish church, by Giovanni Pisano (he worked from 1275 to 1317).

The Chapel is closed in the two sides towards the church in a wrought bronze gate, a Renaissance masterpiece (1438-1442) by Maso di Bartolomeo, adopting Gothic motifs and enriched with naturalistic lines.

Completed the restoration of the frescoes by Agnolo Gaddi in the Chapel of the Sacred Girdle, specially built in the Cathedral of Prato to conserve the precious relic that, according to the tradition, was brought back to Prato from the Holy Land by the merchant Michele Dagomari in 1141.

The restoration began in March 1998 directed by Isabella Lapi Ballerini from the Soprintendenza per i Beni Ambientali e Architettonici di Firenze, Pistoia e Prato and was realized thanks to the contribution of the Associazione per il Restauro del Patrimonio Artistico Italiano - Arpai, Cariprato, Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Prato and Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

The cycle of frescoes, painted by Gaddi and his "bottega" (workshop) between 1392 and 1395, illustrates the parallel stories of the Life of the Virgin and the Sacred Girdle through episodes that are rich of details and subtlety of narrative, now firmly anchored in the illustrious tradition of Giotto. 

Scenes such a the Marriage or the Assumption of the Virgin, the Nativity or the Sea Voyage of Michele Dagomari , express at their best, in the pensive sweetness of female faces, exquisite in colour and design, with care of the details of costume, the fixed point set by Agnolo in the maturation of a culture essentially late Gothic.

Cappella della Sacra Cintola
Cappella della Sacra Cintola
Cappella della Sacra Cintola (parete sinistra)
Giovanni Pisano "Madonna con Bambino"
Cappella dell'Assunta di Paolo Uccello
Cappella dell'Assunta di Paolo Uccello
Cappella maggiore del Duomo di Prato
Affreschi di Filippo Lippi nella cappella Maggiore del Duomo di Prato (parete sinistra)
Affreschi di Filippo Lippi nella cappella Maggiore del Duomo di Prato (parete destra)

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