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Exterior of the Duomo

Duomo of Prato: pulpit, portal and exterior cloister

Duomo of Prato - Cathedral of Santo Stefano


The pulpit by Donatello

Commissioned in 1428 to Donatello and Michelozzo di Bartolomeo, it was designed for the display of the Holy Belt, which explains its peculiar angular position on the exterior of the church, assuring visibility from the two squares on the front and the side of the church.
The corner of the church is its support, as underlined by the gorgeous bronze capital by Michelozzo, where the young angel peeks out to sustain the concentric marble ledges.
The white marble parapet is decorated by a bas-relief (the stiacciato), divided in seven frames by chamfered lesenes, in which parties of angels dance suggesting a slight impression of movement, with the aid of the background mosaic.

Portale e lunetta

The great bichrome banded portal, realized in 1412-13 from the project of Giovanni di Ambrogio and Niccolò di Piero Lamberti, terminates with a high ogive archivolt, which hosts inside a splendid lunette with The Virgin, the Baby, St. Stephen and St. Lawrence. Made in glazed white and blue terracotta, it is the most important work by Andrea della Robbia for Prato (1489).

Romanesque cloister

Realized with the familiar bichrome impression in mind, the white columns interchange with the more robust serpentinite (the green marble of Prato) ones. These colums are the only example around Florence of supporting, through plinths probably inspired by the lombard or Pisa style, blind archades.
The second order of the cloister, whose piers have late-gothic capitals, replaced the romanesque one in 1428. 

Chiostro del Duomo di Prato
Duomo di Prato (lunetta del portale)
Pulpito di Donatello e Michelozzo

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