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Spirito Santo's Church

The church, which was originally dedicated to the Santissima Annunziata, was edified in via Silvestri around 1340 by the mendicant order called "Servi di Maria", at the same time of the adjacent monastery. Nowadays we can still admire the Renaissance cloister, the bell tower and the renovation works of the eighteenth-century.

The plan inside is rectangular with roof trusses and four side altars made of stone dating from the seventeenth century. In these altars there are important works: starting from the right we can admire a painting on wood, called Presentation in the Temple, realized by the artists of the aelier of Filippo Lippi in 1468; in the second altar there is a painting of the mid sixteenth century called Saint Anna, the Virgin with the Child and the Saints Rocco and Jacopo, that is attributed by some scholars to Giovanni Antonio Sogliani, by others to Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio and Michele di Ridolfo, and where is portrayed the simple, and at the same time highly communicative, iconography of the Madonna Metterza, which had a great success in Prato thanks to the revival of the models of devotion of the painter Fra' Bartolomeo. In the third altar there is the canvas dated 1758 of the florentine painter Vincenzo Meucci: Our Lady of Sorrow and the tools of The Passion. Finally, in the altar placed on the left there is the Visitation made by Niccolò Latini in 1584.

In the presbytery there is a painted stucco replica of the Madonna with the Child, which come from the atelier of Benedetto da Maiano (end of '400) and is now inside the Bargello. The most important works are, however, the Annunciation (dated 1380-85 and painted in the style of Giotto) of the florentine painter Jacopo di Cione, placed on the side wall; the altarpiece made by Santi di Tito, called Pentecoste (1598), put on the high altar in 1783 in substitution of the copy of the picture Mercy (from Frà Bartolomeo) painted by Mascagni in 1601 and transferred to Palazzo Pretorio Museum; a relief of Francesco Ferrucci portraying the Baptist (1475 ca.).

In the church there are also some works of artistic craftmanship, like the wooden choir, carved and painted in white and blue (which represents the Baroque trend in carving, between the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century in Prato) and the beautiful walnut choir (1598).

Chiesa dello Spirito Santo (esterno)
Chiesa dello Spirito Santo (interno)

Addresses and contacts

Via Giuseppe Silvestri
, 21
- 59100
Sito web dettaglio orario
Phone: 0574 28137
Opening time 7:30 to 10:00 a.m., times may vary according to parish needs, it's recommended to call and to check to check the opening hours.
Mass timetables are published on the website of the Diocese of Prato, during services, the church can not be visited.
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