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Celle's farm (Pistoia)

Celle's Farm situated in Santomato, about 4 Km far from Pistoia, for organicity and condition is one of the most important farm in Tuscany. Architecture, sculpture, park, garden and fountains remain a rare example of the '600-'700 Granducato culture.
In the park of the villa we can find the great Gori's collection, unique in Europe about contemporary sculptures. 

Celle's "Art Spaces"

Inaugurated in 1982, the "art spaces" (60 installations of environmental art) constitute a collection of international great value.
The works were conceived and carried out in open space by artists. 
They came to Celle through an accurate selection that pointed out a marked tendency about the environment and also a clear artistic talent for their works. 
In this project also artists from different countries were involved. Among these ones: Sol Le Witt, Richard Long, Luciano Fabro, Pistoletto, Robert Morris, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Magdalena Abakanowicz
Linked with the collection and the park a great activity of exhibitions and performances take place every year. 
They are set charmingly also inside a sculpture-theatre in the open.

"Arcadia in Celle-Gori Collection"

During 1999 a reproduction scale of Celle's Park and its sculptures have been set in three important Museums in Japan: Modern Art Museum in Kamakura, Contemporary Art Museum in Sapporo and Mie Prefectural Art Museum. 
"...Pure ideas like stones took the enter, appearing from the high ; can feelings coloured in green and white show the exit? and an exit from where?"
(Robert Morris, il Labirinto)

Fausto Melotti "Tema e variazioni II" (1981)
Villa Celle
Fattoria di Villa Celle e installazione di Roberto Barni "Servi muti", bronzo, 1988.
Anne & Patrick Poirier "La morte di Efialte" 1982, nel parco di Villa Celle.

Addresses and contacts

via Montalese
, 7
- 51100
Opening time The collection can be visited by appointment from May until September 30th upon written request sent by email to . Requests can be received from February until September.
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