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Filippino Lippi

Filippino Lippi, born in Prato in 1457, is the focus of a fascinating story: the son of Filippo Lippi (Florence, 1406 – 1469), a famous Florentine painter as well as Carmelite friar, and the nun Lucrezia Buti, eloped from the Convent of Santa Margherita of Prato in 1456. The young Filippino grows in Prato, trained under his father and in close contact with his father’s work as apprentice.

In 1472 we find a record of his registration as “painter with Sandro di Botticello”. Among the panels of Filippino and those of Botticelli you can find an interpenetration of style, creating a symbiosis of language, despite the variables related to individual personalities.
Giorgio Vasari, an admirer and collector of works painted by Filippino, called him “a beautiful genius and of vaguest inventions” (1568)
Starting from the common patterns of father Lippi, Filippino Lippi’s Madonnas already express the mystical-religious tensions of the last quarter of century, dominated by the figure of Savonarola.
His painting is full of esoteric aspects related to the archaeological culture of the time and exerts a decisive influence on his contemporaries especially in the recurrent use of the grotesque.

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