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Leonetto Tintori

Leonetto Tintori (Prato 1908-2000) was a many sided artist and restorer of international fame.

As an artist he was dedicated to a variety of expressive techniques ranging from painting (oil, tempera, fresco, crayon, etc.) to sculpture (ceramic, bronze, wood, plaster, wax, etc...) mosaic, to scagliola.

As restorer he has directed some of the most important renovation works of the '900, especially related to murals (Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Masaccio,...). He also worked in foreign countries, in the Mayan temples in Mexico, the pyramids of Egypt, India, Korea, etc.

In the late '70s, together with his wife Elena Berruti, also a painter, he founded the "Laboratory for fresco of Vaianella", where they teach the ancient techniques of mural painting. He donated to the Municipality of Prato the laboratory, his house and the rich collection of ancient and modern works of art.

He and his wife are buried in a large Noah’s Ark in the park located in front of the house.

Leonetto Tintori "Arca di Noè"

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