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Gallery of Alberty palace

21.05.2018 - The art is closed. A new opening isn't communicated.


The present layout of the Gallery of Palazzo degli Alberti covering a large first floor area in the palace which has hosted the management, general direction and the Seat of the Bank since 1870, follows a "U" form along the east and west wings which are parallel and briefly meet in the northern part of the floor. The museum contains about sixty works exhibited with the objective of reflecting and being compared to other notable works exhibited in adjacent rooms of the bank.


The museum rooms open up on the east side with the so-called Polyfunctional Room, which also has the function, when necessary, of being representative and hosting events and meetings. 
The Polifunctional room is also the entrance to the gallery and offers a small "anthological exhibition" of works produced between the 16th. And 18th. Centuries. 

The visit starts along the right-hand wall with a series of portraits of influential characters like Cardinal Ferdinando de’ Medici, who then became Grand-duke, by Santi di Tito and the radiant Noblewoman in the guise of Flora immortalized by Giusto Sustermans. The right-hand wall ends with "The adoration of the shepherds" by Tommaso di Stefano Lunetti, and the exhibition leads on towards the major works of art such as: " Madonna with Child" by Filippo Lippi, "The Crucifix with Jewish cemetery by Giovanni Bellini and the "The Crowning of thorns" by Caravaggio.
The exhibition continues in the ample space of the western wing, in the so-called Quadreria, which offers a rapid excursus on the main artists of the Florentine School from the 17th. Century(with work by Matteo Rosselli, Giovanni Bilivert, Francesco Furini, Carlo Dolci and Baldassare Franceschini, better known as "Il Volterrano".
The exhibition of paintings is supported and articulated by some sculptures by the Pratese sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini, and of notable interest is a version in reduced scale of the well-known "Trust in God".

The exhibition then continues along the left-hand short-sided part of the gallery, in the so-called "Studiolo", with its very full wall- as in a Patrician picture gallery of the baroque period-with works by Dandini and Alessandro Rosi, together with fantastic views by Gherardo and Giuseppe Poli and delicious examples of the typical playful Florentine style of painting, such as the Harlequins painted on copper sheets by Giovan Domenico Ferretti.

The visit concludes with the left-hand wall of the polifunctional Room, where, among others , two rare Battles (one signed) by the Sienese painter Giuseppe Pinacci are exhibited.

Palazzo Alberti (facciata)
Il crocifisso con cimitero ebraico, Giovanni Bellini
The crucifix with Jewish cemetery, Giovanni Bellini

Addresses and contacts

Via degli Alberti
, 2
- 59100
Phone: 800 167619
Opening time Saturday and Sunday 10.30 a.m.-7.00 p.m. free visits with reservation. The visit includes: illustrated brochures, Italian audio guides, English and German guides for schools and groups.
Tickets: free entrance.

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