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Contemporary art complex of Cantagallo


The Open Air Museum of Luicciana is the historic core of the Contemporary Artistic Complex of Cantagallo, that includes also the Circuit of Public Art and the Circuit of Environmental Art (of which deserves to mention the “Amphitheatre of the Bisenzio Valley” by Giuliano Mauri), and which is opened to the most advanced artistic experimentation at National and International level. 
The museum opened in 1983 and was set up by the Pro Loco of Luicciana, the Ce.Pa.C. (Centre of artistic-cultural promotion of Prato) and the Commune of Cantagallo, as a natural evolution of a periodical collective exhibition at the beginning of the ‘80s, that presented the works of artists of various kind. 

The intent was to give a new aspect to the village, with paintings and sculptures to be inserted up areas as mosaic tiles, to ennoble the gray-coloured walls and courtyards, and redevelop the entire natural and cultural landscape, in the upper valley of the Bisenzio. 
The initiative was very successful: during the opening of the museum in September 1984 were already placed about 40 works in the village and in the town hall.
In the following years Cantagallo has not only been a promoter of projects that have gradually enriched the collection, but it is also committed to the promotion of the museum, with the participation of private sponsors and the collaboration of experts such as the Centre for contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato.


The Open Air Museum of Luicciana hosts many of the leading artists of the avant-garde Florentine ‘60s and ‘70s as Vinicio Berti, Silvio Loffredo, Gualtiero Nativi, offering in general the balance between international renowned masters and young artist. 
All the works of the museum were donated by their creators to Cantagallo. In the village of Luicciana you can admire frescoes, pottery and iron installations, sculptures, mixed media, in a vast assortment of techniques. 

Some of the most important works are:
"The little concert", by Sebastian Matta 
"War and Peace", by Toni Fertonani 
"The eyes of Teresa on Mondrian", by Rinaldo F.Burattin 
"Dialogue", by Leonetto Tintori 
"San Francesco", by Silvio Loffredo
"Warrior of all time", by Alfio Rapisardi
"The Tree", di Salvatore Cipolla
"Medieval Town", by Italo Bolano
"Virgiliana", by Umberto Cocci

Being an open air museum, the local government paid always attention to its inclusion and integration with the territory. For this reason the Commune of Cantagallo set up the Circuit of Public Art, where urban works realised by artists has been included. 
Examples of such cooperation are the works “Who speaks to me” by the Florentine sculptor Vittorio Corsini, which also fulfils the function of a point of public lighting near the Church of San Michele and “Providing Reality”, a balustrade realized by Bert Theis that replaced the lapidated and obsolete parapet of cement along the country road Luicciana-Cantagallo.

Alfio Rapisardi "Guerriero di sempre", gres, 1983.
Leonetto Tintori "Dialogo", ceramica, 1983.
Sebastian Matta "Concertino", legno, 1984.

Addresses and contacts

Via Giuseppe Verdi
, 24
- 59025
Phone: 0574-95681
Fax: 0574 956838
Opening time The outdoor section is always open.
The opening hours for the indoor sections are:
from Monday to Saturday: 8.30 a.m.-2.30 p.m.;
Sunday with reservation only.
Tickets: free entrance.
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