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Museum house of memories of war for peace

History of the Museum

The Museum House of memories of war for peace was founded by the president of the Associazione Nazionale Combattenti e Reduci di Prato Cav. Uff. Sig. Sergio Paolieri (National Association of Combatants and Veterans). In a period of about twenty years, he has collected a lot of material and numerous testimonies, which have seen our soldiers engaged in the major conflicts of the twentieth century. The result of this long and patient work is the permanent exhibition of the Museum, which opened on June 2, 2008 in the occasion of the Festa della Repubblica in presence of the representatives of the institutions, such as the Prefect Eleonora Maffei, the Mayor of Prato Marco Romagnoli, Bishop Monsignor Gastone Simoni. 
The Museum is located in the Casa del Combattente (House of the Combatant), a city building that houses associations representing the various participants in the conflicts of the twentieth century: The National Association of Combatants and Veterans, the Association of Partisans, the Association of War Invalids and Maimed, the Association for Service Disabled and Associations of Weapons.

The Museum

The purpose of the House of memories of war for peace is to illustrate the facts of war as vivid as possible and to cause the visitors thought about dispel preconceived ideas that we have very often on the conduct of war; it should also represent the memory of the militaries of Prato and province who were involved in the war and whose precious evidence and legacy have contributed to the heritage of the museum.
For this reason, the museum offers photos related to the various episodes of war in the twentieth century; dresses and military uniforms that show the kind of equipment of our soldiers, an exhibition of weapons used in conflicts, both Italian and from other countries, even these in order to show the different military capacities at disposal of the armies in the field.


The House of memories of war for peace organizes guided tours primarily aimed to students in order to collaborate to the school education on issues of contemporary history and contribute to the creation of a culture of peace. The museum also has a library, currently under reconstruction, that contains material of a different kind on the theme of the museum: stories, essays, journals and documents. Is in progress the cataloguing and inserting of books inside of the Regional Library System and will soon be possible consultation both paper and electronic.

Casa delle memorie di guerra per la pace
Entrance to the House of memories of war for peace.

Addresses and contacts

Piazza San Marco
, 29
- 59100
Phone: 0574 21352
Fax: 0574 21352
Opening time From Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m.-12.00 a.m., Thursday and Saturday 3.00 p.m.-6.00 p.m. (from November to April) or 4.00 p.m.-7.00 p.m. (from May to October). Guided tours can be organized based on group or school group special needs. To get a reservation, calling in the morning these numbers: 0574 21352, 338 4542412 or 339 7747161
Tickets: free entrance.
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