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Natural Sciences Centre - Parsec Establishment


The Natural Sciences Centre - Parsec Establishment includes in 750 sq m showrooms with collections of birds, mammals, fishes, reptiles, insects, shells, minerals, stones, herbariums and archaeological and palaeolithic finds of the Galceti Palaeolithic Mousterian station.

Inside the Museum as also inside the park there are hosted wild animals that arrive injured and ill to the Centre.
After the medical treatments and readjustment they will go back to freedom. Many of them remain spontaneously in the protected Park at the mountainside of the Monteferrato.

In Galceti there is also a Mousterian station, witness of a Palaeolithic industry that used the red Jasper of the Monteferrato.

Itinerary of the Museum

The finds inside the Centre are evidence of a human settlement since the Palaeolithic (over 40.000 years ago). This is evidenced by the large amount of archaeological finds: choppers, scrapers, Neolithic arrows. There are also finds from the Bronze Age and Etruscans. 

The Monteferrato with its geological, floristic and environmental peculiarity is another important feature of the territory of Prato. 

The Natural Sciences Centre Parsec Establishment, in addition to having proposed the realization of the park since the early 70’s, offers its knowledge for scientific use on international level and dedicate to it a showroom inside the Museum. 

A showroom in Natural Science Centre
Parco del centro di Scienze Naturali
Park of the natural Science Museum

Addresses and contacts

Via di Galceti
, 74
- 59100
Sito web dettaglio orario
Phone: 0574 460503
Fax: 0574 1741202
Opening time Open to public from Wednesday to Sunday: 9.30 a.m.-12.30 a.m. / 2.00 p.m.-06.00 p.m. (from November to March).
Summer opening time 9.30 a.m. - 12.30 a.m. / 03.00 p.m.- 07.00 p.m. (from April to October).

In August the park will be open from Wednesday to Friday: 9.30 a.m - 12.30 a.m Closed in the afternoon. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 9.30 a.m - 12.30 a.m / 15.00 a.m - 19.00 a.m
Weekdays: 3.00 euro; - free entrance for younger than 3 years old
Sunday and holidays full 6.00 euro; - reduced 3.00 euro for children (3-18 years old, students and people over 65, ownings of the ticket of Global Sciences museum) ; - free for children under 3 years old.

Director: Dott. Marco Morelli
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