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Prato Textile museum


Prato textile museum is one of the most important cultural institution for studying, preserving and adding value to the textile industry and to ancient and contemporary fashion.
The old “Cimatoria Campolmi Leopoldo e C.”, the building which hosts the museum, is an archeological monument of the textile industry, it is the only big factory from the 1800s inside the medieval walls of Prato.
The collection includes thousands of textiles from Italy, Europe and from the rest of the world. The most ancient conserved textiles are from the pre-Columbian burials and from the copt christian Egypt.
The group of the Italian Renaissance textiles is one of the most important in the world. The productions from Prato are machineries and textile samples from the second half of the 19th century conserved until the present day.  The presence of contemporary textiles constitutes a unique element for the museum.


The museum itinerary has six thematic areas:
The boiler room
It is a room occupied almost entirely by the steam generator, before the electricity introduction the generator activated the textile machinaries of Cimatoria Campolmi.
The ancient textile room
It is the most ancient space in the building, a suggestive space which gives value to the ancient textile collections in the museum.  The collections are showed on a rotating basis, showing new contents each time. The room charm is enriched with macro video-projections, which produce continuity between the exhibit displayed and their historical and cultural contexts.
The raw material and product processes area
This area is a playful interactive tour, where you can become familiar with materials and textile processes, from spinning to finishing, thanks to panels with pictures and items, fibers and materials to touch and video-touches. The tour ends with a relax area and a playful space, where it is possible to play with clothes and fashion-plates.

Prato, City of Textile room

The room revisits the most significant moments in the textile history of Prato, from the Middle Ages to the first half of the twentieth century, thanks to archival documents, textiles, tools, machineries, scale models and pattern books, moreover with multimedia tools. A section of the tour is dedicated to the pre-industrial wool production, another part is dedicated to the regenerated wool from rags and waste materials.

Prato and the fashion system room

This room is dedicated to the developments and the changes in the textile district and in Prato from the postwar period to the present day. With the birth of the Italian high-fashion and the prêt-à-porter, Prato moved further away from the regenerated wool tradition embracing new products and becoming an integral part of the international fashion system. The image of the city has changed, from city of rags to city of fashion.

The contemporary textiles and exhibitions room

A large nucleus of the heritage is represented by a contemporary section which documents the technological and stylistic innovations in the contemporary textile production, proof of the incessant evolution in the textile field. During the year, the museum dedicates shows and temporary art installations to fashion and to ancient and contemporary design.

Tessuto antico
Museo del tessuto (sala interna)
Museo del tessuto (sala interna)
Museo del tessuto (sala interna)

Addresses and contacts

Via de' Puccetti
, 3
- 59100
Phone: 0574 611503
Fax: 0574 444585
Opening time from Tuesday to Thursday 10.00 a.m.-3.00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 10.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m.; Sunday 3.00 p.m-7.00 p.m. The ticket office closes 30 minutes early.
Tickets: Prices are on museum website
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